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 (Jordanie) The Red Sea Astrarium incluant parc d'attractions Paramount (2017)

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MessageSujet: (Jordanie) The Red Sea Astrarium incluant parc d'attractions Paramount (2017) Lun 27 Aoû 2012 - 11:16

Lancé en 2011, le projet The Red Sea Astrarium (TRSA) devrait ouvrir en 2014 à Aqaba au bord de la Mer Rouge et comprendre plusieurs hôtels, une zone de divertissment incluant théâtre, boutiques et restaurants mais aussi un parc à thème développé en collaboration avec Paramount et CBS.

Les investisseurs proviennent de Jordanie, des Pays du Golf et des Etats-Unis.

Si l'on sait déjà qu'une zone thématique inspirée de la franchise Star Trek en fera partie, une autre attraction devrait attirer l'attention des habitués des parcs Disney : Wonders!

En effet, en prenant connaissance du communiqué de presse publié par Rubicon Group Holding (RGH) qui developpe cette attraction, on ne peut s'empêcher de penser à Soarin' Over California (et même à Star Tours II : The Adventures Continue pour les différents scénarios dont les scènes s'enchaîneront de manière aléatoires).

Le communiqué de presse de RGH concernant Wonders! :


Flight Simulator Attraction Takes Riders on an Adventurous Flight Back in Time to Experience Wonders of the World

RGH Themed Entertainment (a division of Rubicon Group Holding), designer and project manager for The Red Sea Astrarium (TRSA), announces Wonders!, an imaginative new flight simulator attraction now in development for the US $1.5 billion leisure-resort in Aqaba, Jordan.

Wonders! makes history come alive as the drama unfolds in the unexpected future with time travel on the AirWonders! Airline. Riders will travel via custom-built flying machines through the fabric of space and time to see the Wonders of the World in their prime. The Lighthouse of Alexandria before it crumbled into the sea, Macchu Picchu’s bustling metropolis, the thriving landscape of the Acropolis, and the towering rose-red desert city of Petra are just a few of the many wonders awaiting our travelers. In these exciting journeys, our guests become privy to the secrets that could not be learned in a classroom or read from a book.

Vekoma Rides Manufacturing, one of the largest roller coaster manufacturers in the world and a leader in the amusement industry, will build the Wonders! ride system utilizing the innovative i-Ride immersive inverted 4D simulator technology from Brogent Technologies. Brogent is known throughout the industry for its innovative digital content, software, hardware, manufacturing and system integrations.

RGH will produce the entire slate of media content for Wonders!, which will provide a randomized experience for every ride cycle to guarantee unlimited repeatability for the attraction. Every time guests come on board Wonders! they will experience a truly unique and unpredictable adventure.

“The Wonders! ride is a thrilling, unpredictable journey to the ancient past that gives riders an incredible experience of visiting the Wonders of the World as they were meant to be seen,” said Lenny Larsen, Director of Themed Entertainment at RGH. “By immersing the guests into the actual times and places of ancient civilizations they can fully appreciate these man-made wonders.”

All this is possible with the help of some eccentric adventurers and their up-start airline, AirWonders! They are the living embodiment of J.R.R. Tolkien’s words: “Not all who wander are lost.” After stumbling across a mysterious power source, these wandering entrepreneurs set up shop near the Astratium to build a new life, one of adventure, excitement, and accidental time travel.

“The Wonders! attraction is the perfect addition to the Old Waterfront section of the resort. It provides a themed centerpiece of old-world exploration and fascination. What’s more, it brings the resort full circle: The Red Sea Astrarium brings the world together, then Wonders! sends people out into the world again,” said RGH CEO Randa Ayoubi.

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MessageSujet: Re: (Jordanie) The Red Sea Astrarium incluant parc d'attractions Paramount (2017) Mer 29 Aoû 2012 - 8:21

Un Soarin Like en 4D ,donc de la 3D au niveau du film . Je croyais que c'était pas au point pour un Soarin ?
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MessageSujet: Re: (Jordanie) The Red Sea Astrarium incluant parc d'attractions Paramount (2017) Mer 21 Aoû 2013 - 11:56

Communiqué de presse annoncant le premier coup de pioche le 26 mai 2013 :

Ground-breaking Ready for The $1.5 Billion Red Sea Astrarium in Aqaba, Jordan

Design details revealed for The Red Sea Astrarium, a spectacular leisure destination that will create more than 4,000 jobs for the local community and become home to state-of-the-art entertainment attractions of global distinction.

The Chief Commissioner of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA), Dr. Kamel Mahadin, has announced that groundbreaking for the first themed tourist destination in Jordan is ready.  At a ceremony, held under the patronage of the Prime Minister of Jordan, Dr. Abdullah Ensour, the layout for land development, entertainment designs and architectural and engineering plans were revealed.

Details of the 1.0 million square meter themed entertainment resort were brought to life in an unconventional manner via a purpose-built cyclorama with 360-degree virtual reality projection, designed to give delegates attending the World Economic Forum in Jordan a taste of the Red Sea Astrarium experience. The showcase highlighted how the Red Sea Astrarium (TRSA) will become a diverse leisure destination and afford a multi-cultural bridge that connects past, present and future, with the aim of bringing together people of all cultures, backgrounds and age groups.  The resort will also host the American Museum of Natural History’s Silk Road Exhibition throughout its Hijazi Gardens. The ceremony demonstrated the home-grown and break-through technology behind two attractions that will catapult Jordan to the forefront for interactive experiences, including a global first for 4D inverted simulation that is different on every ride. The announcement at the ground-breaking ceremony also underlined the project’s mandate for job creation, the contribution it will have towards tourism in Jordan and its use of clean energy sources. Dr. Mahadin highlighted details of the resort that will make it the first of its kind in the world.  Speaking to delegates, he said: “A major goal in the design of The Red Sea Astrarium is to actively engage the local community through training with on-site hospitality academies, job creation, promoting the length of a tourist’s stay, and encouraging repeat visitation.  The entertainment resort will undeniably transform the Aqaba region and make it a high-end tourism hub for Jordan.  It will do so whilst telling stories from our regional culture and those of others, integrating alternative energy sources, and promoting the development of the entertainment industry in Jordan.” Other details that were announced included the iconic ‘Astrarium’ building, four world-class 5-star hotels, ‘Old’ and ‘New’ waterfronts with expansive retail and dining facilities, and a theatre that will bring globally renowned shows to Aqaba.  Distributed within the ‘Astrarium’ building and the two waterfronts are 16 entertainment attractions and experiences, 15 of which are designed and built by Rubicon Group Holding (RGH), an international group founded and head-quartered in Amman, Jordan, while the 16th attraction is based on the CBS-owned property Star Trek, designed and built by Paramount Pictures.  The RGH-designed attractions include a 4D cinema, an indoor themed waterpark, as well as:

Wonders! – An innovative i-Ride that enable guests to visit the various crowning achievements of human ingenuity and design around the world, in the time of their prime.
Cradle of Inspiration – A fantastical journey through space and time, which explores the nature of creativity and inspiration, aboard a first-of-its-kind ride system.
Adventure Center – Guests can train for extreme adventures like sky diving, rock climbing, scuba diving, or even piloting a submarine.
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MessageSujet: Re: (Jordanie) The Red Sea Astrarium incluant parc d'attractions Paramount (2017) Jeu 23 Jan 2014 - 14:50

La construction du resort jordanien doit débuter cette année, les travaux devraient durer 3 ans.

L'ouverture est prévue pour le troisième trimestre 2017.

Arabtec wins Aqaba project

UAE firm selected for Dh5.7 billion contract to build themed entertainment resort

Arabtec Holding announced today that its subsidiary, Arabtec Construction, has been selected to execute an Dh5.7 billion ($1.55 billion) contract for construction of the Red Sea Astrarium, a themed entertainment resort in Aqaba, Jordan.

The Astrarium is an integrated entertainment, hospitality, and leisure development that is sure to become a family destination, attracting visitors from across the Middle East, as well as thrill seekers from all over the world. The Astrarium will provide significant boost to the tourism industry in Jordan, in addition to significant economic benefits for nearby communities and businesses.

Developed by an international fund, Red Sea Astrarium LP, the themed entertainment park will be home to four leading international luxury hotels offering over 2,000 rooms. These include a themed boutique hotel, a 5 star hotel, a family leisure hotel, and a hotel specialising in meetings and conferences. The entertainment park will also feature authentic and modern retail, dining and entertainment waterfronts overlooking a man-made lagoon and constituting the cultural and social hearts of the Astrarium. The waterfronts will have a number of unique entertainment attractions including a 4D cinema, Adventure Centre, Theatre, Water park and a signature Star Trek immersive experience, created in collaboration with Paramount Parks & Resorts and CBS Consumer Products.

Other components of the park will include the luscious ‘Hijazi’ and ‘Hanging Gardens’ that are a horticulturist’s dream; a water feature; and the iconic ‘Summit’ building, which will house eight different entertainment attractions.

Hasan Abdullah Ismaik, Managing Director and CEO of Arabtec Holding, commented, "We are pleased to be involved in this important project which will further boost the Jordanian economy and enhance the country’s attraction as a tourist destination. We are already actively involved in two major projects in Jordan and look forward to expanding our presence there to take advantage of Jordan’s huge potential."

Ismaik added, "Apart from its high value and significant contribution to our long term investment, which will translate in sustainable returns to our shareholders, this project provides further recognition of Arabtec as a leading international provider of complex mixed-use developments."

Apart from generating around 4,000 jobs for Jordanians, it will be an exemplary environment-friendly project relying heavily on green energy and applying the latest renewable energy technology.

Construction work on the project is scheduled to begin in the third quarter of 2014, with the third quarter of 2017 targeted as the soft opening date.

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(Jordanie) The Red Sea Astrarium incluant parc d'attractions Paramount (2017)
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